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Region : Malshej
Height : 832mts - 2420ft

MiStory :
This was Bhramanti's first trek for 2004. As decided we all met near the Maruti Temple, Dadar (E), Rly Stn at 5:30pm. We proceeded to Kalyan by train and then boarded an Alephata bus which dropped us off at '66mile' stop or 'Naneghat Phata'.

After alighting, towards the right is the path to Naneghat. Just at the entrance of this route, a huge cemented structure is fixed and writings on it in Marathi state : naneghat entrance"SHIV PADHSPARSHANE PAVAN ZHALELI KHIND" which means 'This valley has been blessed when Shivaji visited this place". We proceed further down and come to a clearing, where we are briefed about the trek and the leader of the trek is announced. the view from here is quite beautiful. One can see the entire expanse of Naneghat, with Jivdhan on top of the Ghats and towards the right we can sport the hill of Dhakoba. We all then follow our trek leader Kiran Sarode. we walk further down facing the Naneghat hill and then take a right where the route goes down. This path is well-laid and we pass thru 2 small dry rivulets which come down from the hill. The walk thru this area is not exposed hence can turn very hot during noon.

We then start climbing keeping Nanacha Anghta on our right as we have to climb thru Naneghatthe route between the hill and the Anghta. However, this route cannot be seen from down. We climb thru the woods for about 1/2 hr and we then reach another big clearing where one can rest under 2 large trees. We are actually now at the base of the hill. We then proceed into the forest which then starts climbing and the whole route is kind of a zig-zag. After about 45mins, we reach a small water tank were we all take rest. At this point, one can get a clear view of the konkan valley down below and the massive-huge Nanacha Anghta which is quite a thrill and tough climb amongst rock climbers. After about 10min we start climbing again and finally after another 30min we reach the famous Naneghat caves.

The cave on the right is a huge one which is kept clean and can accomadate atleast 50 people. This is also a favourite halt for all trekkers whilst visiting Jivdhan or just Naneghat. There are writings/inscriptions on the wall and they are in Brahmi script. There are iron railings fitted on the right side of the cave and a small rocky path leads to us to 3 water tanks, all holding cool potable water. There are some caves on the left side of the hill also. During rains Monkeys from the forest below occupy all these caves to shelter themselves from rain.

It's around 12:30pm. We decide to move further on and reach the otherside of RanjanNaneghat. We get down the cave and climb the rock-cut steps towards the right and pass thru the route which has been created for the people to pass during the olden days. The route goes slightly up and then down and finally one reaches on the Naneghat plateau.We find a road at this point and soon come to know that there is a road leading to this place from Ghatghar Village (about 2km) which is connected further on to Junnar. At this point, on the left we find a Ranjan, an abandoned old Stone vessel, about 5ft in height which was used for collecting toll from people who used to frequent the Naneghat pass which used to connect the hills with Konkan. It is said that this vessel used to fill up to the brim atleast 5 times a day. Just imagine, the no of people using this route in the ancient days.

On the right, there is a small Ganpati Temple. We take darshan here and start climbing Nancha Anghta from the backside. Its a short-not-so-steep climb thru grass and finally we reach the top. Voila! the view is so beautiful.

Vardya, Bhairavgad, Harishchandragad, Nakta To the North – Vardya, Harishchandragad, Nakta, Alang-Kulang-Madangad, the peak of Bhairavgad and a faint view of Kalsubai.
To the East – Vesni, Budhlya & Ghatghar village.
To the South – Jivdhan Fort & Khadaparshi Pinnacle, Dhakoba, Gorakhgad & Machindra Pinnacle.
To the West – The Konkan Plains.

After an entire briefing by Rajan, both historical & geographical, we return back to the cave, where we have our lunch. After a short afternoon nap, we start descending by around 3pm and reach Naneghat phatta by around 5pm.

Unfortunately, we are not able to get a transport. We therefore walk down for about 3-Inside the Cave4km and reach Vaishakhare, from where we take a jeep and reach Murbad. Being a Sunday, we are unable to get into the Kalyan bound bus due to huge crowds, and therefore we decided to take another jeep upto Kalyan. We reach Kalyan by around 9pm and finally reach home at around 11:30pm.

Well, being the first trek of the year and that too in January, I have taken a resolution to do umpteen no of treks in this year.

Happy Trekking….

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