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Region : Nashik - Trimbak Range
Height : 1300mts - 4264ft

Rishi Mukh'
as reffered to by the locals, Anjaneri is said to be the birthplace of Lord Hanuman. Its called Anjaneri also because cause there is a temple dedicated to 'Anjana Devi Mata' (mother of Lord Hanuman) atop the hill.

We were all extremely tired and exhausted after our exciting trek to Harihar. We returned to our base camp at Pahine Village by 7pm. The Climbing team had also returned by then and we got our kitchen organized for our dinner. After a late dinner comprising of Pulao, Potato Curry, Papad & Pickle we all retired by around 11pm. Our wakeup call for next day - 26th January was to be at 5am. It was very cold and everybody tried to squeeze into their sleeping bags and stick to each other for warmth!

26/1/04Breakfast Time At Pahine Base Camp
Unfortunately the next day we all woke up around 7am. Hurriedly we made our breakfast and the climbing team left by around 9am to complete their tough climb of Pahine Navra Pinnacle. The trekking team now comprising of 5 members only [Tejas, Solomon, Gopal, Narhari & Myself] (Ruzbeh decided to go with the Climbers as a support member) left Pahine by Sumo by around 9.30am. We were supported by Gangadwar & Trimbak, the two local boys from Pahine Village who would be guiding us to Anjaneri.

From Pahine Village we cameback to the main road (trimbak to Khodala - Goti), turned right and took the main Nasik - Trimbak highway. Enroute to Nasik, we could see the Anjaneri hill on the right side from a particular point. We drove for about 1.5 km and turned right towards Anjaneri Village. At this junction there is a small temple and also a signboard stating "Anjaneri - Birthplace of Lord Hanuman". From hereon the road climbs past Anjaneri Village upto the first plateau of the fort. Earlier one had to climb from a cart track before the village but now a road is coming up right upto the first plateau. On the way we can see the Anjaneri Navra pinnacle on the left side.

On the first plateau there is a large banyan tree with a nice resting place. We parked our sumo there and to our surprise, Somnath our driver Steps at the Basealso decided to come along. The more the merrier! Just behind the tree one can find broken steps leading to the top. Further up the steps disappear and the route (quite visible) goes zig-zag until it reaches a rock massif which one has to traverse. This is a rocky path with exposure on one side and one has to carefully cross the same. We then reached a set of steps (recently constructed), which climbed into a Col. (gully) between the range. Earlier there were huge boulders but now steps have been made so that people can visit the Anjana Mata Temple at Anjaneri. On the way we found a small cave with some Jain statues in it. The steps ended on the second plateau Anjana Mata Templeand we walked on this huge plateau and reached a temple. This is the Anjana Mata Temple (mother of Lord Hanuman) with the statues of the Devi and Lord Hanuman in it. We all took rest here for sometime. The 45mins of climb to reach this point dis not exhaust us in any way as the climate was generally cool then. After spending about 10min at the temple we proceeded towards the final plateau from behind the temple. A few yards ahead we found a huge water tank (one can say a Hanuman Templsmall lake). This sight brought in great relief amongst us and everyone decided that on our way back we needed to have a bath there (since our last bath was on 24th Jan). As we passed the lake we reached a flight of steps climbing upwards and with the help of railings (for support at various places) we reached the top of the Hill. It took us 1.5 hrs to reach the final plateau from the base (where the sumo was parked). The view from here is excellent, one can see the Nasik - Trimbak road, the upper Vaitarna lake in a distance, Brahmagiri Hills, Dangya etc. We walked for about 10-15 min and arrive at the temple of Lord Hanuman. It's a beautiful temple and is regularly attended by a Pujari and his family from Anjaneri village.
Sitecha Ghumpha
We took some photographs, explored the area, rested for a while and then came down the same way. After reaching the water tank we turned right into the forest toward Sitecha Gumpha (Sita Caves). These caves are dug out from a rock wall and have some statues in it. There is an ashram next to the caves. An old sage has been living here for many years.

Bath at the Pond

We returned back to the water tank and all of jumped into the water. The water was extremely cold and our bones started paining. Tejas started shivering before even entering the water…What a sight! Anyway we were all there in the water holding hands - Narhari, myself, Solomon and taking dips turn by turn as there was lot of slush in the water, therefore not so easy to stand.

After drying ourselves we took rest & finished all the food we had brought along. It was already 1:30pm and we had to reach Nasik by 3pm. We returned to the base (first plateau) by around 2:30pm (where we had parked our sumo). After refreshing ourselves with some lime juice (sold by a local villager) we set out for Nasik. We reached Nasik - Mahamarg Depot by 3:15pm and found a huge crowd waiting for theBombay buses. The Sumo alongwith the two boys (guides) returned back to Pahine to bring back the climbing team. We waited till 5pm for our bus and reached Sion by around 9:30pm and subsequently everyone reached home by around 11pm. While waiting for our bus at Nasik depot a funny incident happened…which cannot be narrated at this point…One can get in touch with Tejas for more details on the same…and must say that this incident became the hot topic for our return journey and we laughed and enjoyed all the way back…I do hope Tejas, Solomon, Narhari & Gopal all share the same view….Whilst returning we all realized that it was our Republic Day and none of us thought about flag hoisting and singing the national anthem. Inspite of all this we were all in very high spirits for taking part in Bhramanti's REPUBLIC DAY EXPLORATION TREK-04, a part of which was climbing the tough Harihar Fort.

It was Gopal second trek (1st being Harihar Fort). He is now in full strength to trek more…This is a good sign! Same goes with Tejas.

P.S. : Our local guides told us that the route which we had taken is quite a common route and next time we have to climb upto Anjaneri from Pahine Village. This would be somewhat steep and good climb. Must attempt it next time….

Keep Trekking.....
Dinesh Nair

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