About us

Hikes & Treks is an enthusiastic team built from experience and sheer love for nature who believe that 'To walk in nature is to witness abundant miracles.' We have been organizing treks in Nag Tibba and our local knowledge, past experiences and service ensures our trekker’s tribe a totally different footprint away from the city humdrum amid the pretty as picture landscape of Nag Tibba peaks.

Our trails provide abundance of nature, a bountiful of memories and a sense of community bringing trek lovers together. From the novice beginner to the more adventuresome traveller, we can get you where you want to go and guarantee a great trip with no hidden costs.

There are general trek tours in our itinerary which are also known for customising our trails for specific needs and events.

Trekking rule- ‘Carry as little as possible but choose that little with care’. With that thought, start your adventure with us!!

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