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  Welcome to Hikes & Treks

Why does one wander about in the Hills? Why does one trudge up steep slopes only to descend to a point where another formidable ascent stares mockingly? Why does one simply climb up to reach the forts which are broken & barren and sometimes even without a single stone? And why does one so lovingly plan another trek after having cursed and howled through the previous one?

Answers, are not so simple and definitely armchair travelling will not do. Personally, I feel hiking & trekking is about the challenge and the triumph of scaling the tough & formidable forts, forests and mountains.It is about the immense knowledge that one gains while visiting the annals of the various forts that has be written & re-written from time to time. Its about respecting nature and exploring its vast flora & fauna which is now extinct in the cities. Finally, Its about teamwork & logistics that is involved in making a trek successful.

I have been trekking on & off since 2002, however the activity has picked up since the advent of 2004. I do enjoy trekking and hiking, every bit of it. Its like getting gripped by the 'Trekking Fever'. The thrill of packing your haversacks and then jump onto a state transport bus or into trains, sometimes those long walks over hills and plains either under the blazing sun or pouring rain, visiting unknown villages on the offbeaten tracks, learning the history & geography of various hills, forts, monuments etc, all this enthralls me.

I welcome you all to 'Hikes and Treks' my world of trekking. Please visit the various links and do send in your comments so that we can all make 'Hikes and Treks' a great trekking website.

Dinesh Nair ...

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